Exclusive: Tim Sherwood Reveals Jurgen Klopp’s Secret Weapon at Liverpool!

Liverpool FC humbles Chelsea on Sunday to clinch their record 10th Carabao Cup trophy. The Reds won 1-0 with their skipper Virgil Van Dijk’s late header in extra time proving to be decisive. Now, Tim Sherwood has heaped praise on Virgil after his performance and leadership in the final with young talents in the squad.

Van Dijk rose highest to nod in from close range to win the game for his club and leave Chelsea scratching their heads. Jurgen Klopp deployed almost half of his squad consisting of academy talents and still managed to beat a geld up squad of the Blues.

Tim Sherwood says Virgil is a leader every manager will long for

Sherwood lauds the role of the Dutchman as a teacher and leader for the young prospects in the final. Speaking on The Kelly and Wrighty show, former Spurs boss Sherwood has said that Van Dijk must be a dream for Jurgen Klopp to have.

“Virgil van Dijk is a dream for any young kid. He looks at it like I’m going to do my job and I’m going to look after you. I’m going to do the job for you it’s telling them boys push on, push on in there do what you’re good at don’t cover me up I can deal with it.

Looks after them. You cannot be good as a young player if you haven’t got good teachers and the teacher not necessarily from the side line it has to come from within the team and I think Van Dijk is absolute manager’s dream.”

The previous season was no less than a nightmare for Van Dijk. Moreover, everyone was critical of him saying he has stepped down from his prime. Despite all this, the Dutch international is back and back with a bang. Besides being a leader on the field, Virgil is also moulding the young talents in difficult situations. The composure Reds had on the field was a prime example of that. Not only the header but also his ability to keep the team rooted to their plan was phenomenal.

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