F1 French Grand Prix 2022 – Weather Analysis

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Formula one heads into another dry weekend for the F1 French Grand Prix here at Circuit Paul Ricard.

Following a dry and heated weekend in Austria, F1 is heading to another heatwave in the F1 French Grand Prix. One of the most important factors heading into a Formula One race weekend is the weather. From excessive heat to wet conditions, every weather means different strategies for the teams.

We should always keep an eye on the weather conditions of the weekend ahead of the race. However, this time it seems to be an elementary weekend. The French GP is set for warm and sunny conditions throughout the race weekend. There are no rain showers forecast and all three days are likely to be hot with temperatures reaching as high as 33 degrees Celsius.

With excessive tyre wear and degradation, Championship leader red bull will face difficulty against their title rivals Ferrari who seem to have better tyre management than the bulls. Title leader Max Verstappen has won the last French Grand Prix here at Paul Ricard.

The heat will also have major consequences on the drivers who will face difficulties of their own in the cockpits of their cars.

French Grand Prix weather forecast


Free practices one and two on Friday are set to get off to a bright and sunny start as the drivers take the track for the first time. Temperatures will peak at 34 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, FP2 in particular. It would be a dry day with just 25% humidity predicted.

Light winds heading south moving at 5-9 miles per hour are predicted. Momentary gusts of 25 miles per hour will also add to the problems.


For the final free practice and qualifying day, Saturday is similar to Friday. Temperatures are expected to peak at around 33-34 degrees Celsius. Winds will again be similar to Friday moving at 9mph in South-West directions and gusts reaching mid-20s.


The main race day is anticipated to be no different from the previous two. When lights go out at 15:00 local time on Sunday the race is expected to go under the clear cloudless skies. Winds are expected to be calm with momentary gusts that might have an impact moving at 26mph.

The 53-lap racing action is expected to be uneventful as far as weather is concerned. However, do expect some exciting racing as Red Bull and Max Verstappen try to win their second French Grand Prix in a row. Also, watch out for Scuderia who is closing the gap on their title rival red bull. With conditions being hot and dry it might also favor Mercedes who are yet to get their first win in their 2022 title run.

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