Fans advised Daniel Ricciardo to finish P20 in the remaining races with McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo, Six Sports

Times are getting rough for Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren as his time with the team seems to be ending soon.

Daniel Ricciardo has struggled this year in his McLaren. The Australian is driving sub-par and has scored only 19 points. His teammate, Lando Norris, has scored 76 points and carrying McLaren hopes in Constructors Championship for P4.

Moreover, the latest Alpine-Piastri-McLaren drama has indicated that Ricciardo is going to lose his seat to Oscar Piastri in near future.

Anyways, it seems that the future for Daniel Ricciardo is uncertain. It looks that Piastri has signed a contract with McLaren and the team will eventually ‘pay-off’ Ricciardo.

The Australian has a huge fan base and is popular among the F1 audiences, particularly in America.

Not all people are happy with the sacking of Ricciardo and have kept their views on the issue.

One fan tweeted that, the Australian should intentionally finish every race in P20 with McLaren out of pettiness.

The drama which started with Sebastian Vettel’s retirement and Alonso’s surprise move to replace him at Aston Martin has shown Alpine and Daniel Ricciardo to be the worst affected so far.

Alpine on one hand lost two of its driver within days. Ricciardo on the other hand, have his F1 seat in danger.

The drama will probably linger on as it looks like Oscar Piastri has a valid contract with both McLaren and Alpine. But, Daniel Ricciardo’s future in the meantime, remains uncertain.

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