Fernando Alonso recounts Red Bull’s title successes, claiming, ‘They won by taking advantage of a grey area.’

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Fernando Alonso recalled his two title defeats to Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull and reiterated that financial troubles have “always been a part of F1.”

Then, Ferrari driver Alonso lost the 2010 and 2012 titles to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel in close-fought championships.

Exactly ten years later, Red Bull is having discussions with the FIA on their punishment for a “minor” breach of the $145 million budget cap in 2021.

Talking about the cost cap saga, Alonso said:

“This has always been part of F1.”

“This is a new thing we implemented recently, the cost cap, but there were always things aerodynamically that you could explore, some grey areas.

“And always people who won the championships, they won exploiting that grey area. And then the other teams copy and they eventually get to that level or they ban that thing that was allowed for one or two races.”

Alonso also pointed out the 2019 Ferrari engine controversy, in which the Italian team and the FIA reached a secret settlement about the legality of their engine before Ferrari experienced a sharp decline in their performances next season.

Alonso, who wasn’t on the grid in 2019, said:

“Ferrari won I think two races in 2019 with something we all knew was not legal and nothing happened.”  

“They kept those wins. It’s quite amazing. 

“Imagine that they won the championship in 2019 with that engine. It is very difficult and we need to rely on the people who have the power and trust them.

Max Verstappen called out Red Bull’s competitors as “hypocritical” for their stands on the cost cap dispute.

Former Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas was especially vocal in his displeasure. His Mercedes teammate, Lewis Hamilton lost his title on the last lap to Max Verstappen in a controversial finale at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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