Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto faces sacking – reports

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Speculations around the future of Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto are again on a rise, the team boss is facing imminent sacking from the team.

Mattia Binotto came under great scrutiny this season due to the shortcomings of his and his team. The Ferrari boss is with the team for the past 28 years.

Ferrari managed to come out of a string of two disappointing seasons this year. The Scuderia produced a competitive enough car for the title challenge. The F1-75 was arguably the fastest car coming in this season after the new regulations. This was evident given how Charles Leclerc managed to win 2 out of the opening 3 races.

However, since then it is a story of decline for Ferrari. The team suffered multiple issues like reliability problems, pit stops errors, and most noticeably strategic blunders.

These errors lead to many people wonder if a big change is coming in Ferrari. These speculations was further increased after a report published by an Italian newspaper indicated that Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is facing sacking.

However, the Ferrari team was quick to deny these reports.

Regardless, now more and more reports are flowing in indicating the removal of the Ferrari boss. It is believed that Binotto is himself stepping down from the post as a result of frustration directed toward him by his colleagues in the team.

This decision is rather understandable looking at the performance of the prancing horse this year. Binotto has a contract with the team until the end of 2023. However, it is understood that neither he nor the other big figures in Ferrari want him to stay that long.

Fred Vasseur is next in line and reports indicate that the Alfa Romeo boss will replace Binotto.

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