FIA retweets a mocking McLaren amidst the drama

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The official FIA account on Twitter retweeted a mocking tweet targeting McLaren and principal Zak Brown amidst the Alpine-Piastri-McLaren drama.

It’s certain now that McLaren are trying to replace Daniel Ricciardo for Oscar Piastri in the 2023 season.

However, the drama is long from over as Alpine is still claiming that they have rights to the young Australian driver.

Nevertheless, the Alpine-Piastri-McLaren chaos has gained attention from everyone in the F1 world. So far, the governing body of F1, FIA was silent on this issue.

However, the governing body retweeted a controversial tweet on their official Twitter account.

Laurent Dupin is a French F1 journalist. Dupin took a dig at the McLaren team comparing the situation of McLaren F1 with its IndyCar counterpart.

What did the tweet say?

The tweet was retweeted by FIA before hurriedly deleting it.

The tweet states that:

“Has Piastri signed with McLaren when he had a pre-contract with Alpine? Let’s remember that this same McLaren team announced the commitment of Alex Palou in Indycar, while the Chip Ganassi team says it already has a contract. with him for 2023.”

McLaren is in the middle of two distinct cases of two teams claiming one driver in two different motorsports events.

However, McLaren is more proactive in the other. McLaren announced that it had signed IndyCar Champion Alex Palou, hours after the Chip Ganassi Racing team had claimed that they had a contract with Palou till 2023.

So, Dupin took a dig at this event on his Twitter account comparing the two different yet similar cases.

However, FIA retweeted this tweet before deleting it afterward. Why did a neutral governing body do that?

Well, we will never know that but Netizens definitely got their enjoyment in this drama.

Many claimed that “they forgot to switch accounts”.

“Lol, these are the same guys we expected to rectify AD [Alpine Drama]? I’m beginning to thing the FIA was completely complicit in AD fiasco, neigh even planned it,”

said one user.

“Someone forgot to switch accounts,”

tweeted another user.

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