Flamengo to sign Paqueta from West Ham even after the scandal

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Flamengo is now looking for a new midfielder and have set their eyes on Paqueta. The Brazilian side wants to sign the player from West Ham.

The reports says Flamengo have started their talks with West Ham United for the signing of Lucas Paqueta in this transfer window.

The Brazilian reporters stats that the South American giants are looking to take advantage of the betting scandal and charges which has surrounded the player. The giants Brazilian are trying to push for both a loan move or the permanent move whichever does the player or the club likes.

Flamengo interested in signing Lucas Paqueta

Talks are currently going on with the West ham about the potential deal and the South American giants are looking for a immediate agreement to complete the signing as soon as possible, but on the other side there are going to have long negotiations as the Hammers need convincing to sanction the deal to let the player leave.

In normal circumstances they would not have even started this conversation or would not have even considered the option but the Brazilian is currently dealing with the betting charges and have got a suspension from the Premier League and will not play for the Hammers for few months. This can cause some serious damage to Hammers and their plans for this season, the Brazilian not playing for few months will be costlier for them and it is also damaging their reputation and their name.

So now they have to make contact with the Brazilian side to see and analyse their options even without their own will. But they might sell him if Flamengo is ready to pay the right amount for the player and if they are unable to match the offer which Hammers are offering then they might send him on the loan, which can help West Ham to reduce their losses.

As of now West Ham cannot use the player until the ban is uplifted, so the player is of no use to the club, so they have left the decision making on the player, if the player wants to leave the club then the Hammers can arrange the transfer or if he does not want a permanent transfer then they can try to arrange a loan transfer.

West Ham is ready to sell Lucas Paqueta in this transfer window

The Hammers will not try to stop the player to convince him to stay because they have an opportunity here to make some money out of this transfer, so they will use if because if they does not sell him and then he will stay at the club and will also not be able to play any games which will be a financial loss for the club.

In this situation, the player’s wishes and his decision matters. The Brazilian loves the club, Flamengo is the club which the player’s love the most, the club is near to his heart and not just that the fans also adore the player and loves him and going back to the club might the only thing that the player need as he is going through though times and playing at the club that you loves might help the player to redeem himself back at the top level.

It’s not the best choice and it can might be a rumour but there are a lot of things that makes sense, the fans should keep an eye on the transfer over the coming weeks as the player is currently playing in the Copa America. But you know till last season the Brazilian wanted to play for the Man City and now he might play for Flamengo, both team are not the same.

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