Former Arsenal Invincible’s Surprising Revelation: ‘I’d Love to Return and Work with Edu and Arteta!’


Former Arsenal invincible Gilberto Silva speaks about his desire to play under Edu Gaspar and Mikel Arteta. The Gunners are in such a position that people will love to come and play in the outfit.

With one of the club’s famous Invincibles team, Edu, leading the footballing charge as the man between Mikel Arteta and the board, Arsenal are very much in the hunt to win the title. The relationship between Arteta and Gaspar is one of the driving forces for the North London side to do this well.

Arsenal invincible Gilberto Silva wishes to play under Edu and Arteta

Speaking on ShotsTV, the Brazilian, one of the fellow mate of Gaspar from invincibles, admits that he’d love to come back to Arsenal if the chance was offered. He said,

“Well, it would be great! It depends. I think at the moment Arsenal have a very good team working with Edu. Maybe if that is something I can help, I would be more than happy to be back at the club.

But as long also there is no need, they have a team of very professional guys there, but I still come back to the club and watch games and support the club as an ambassador. Arsenal is a great place to be, I always love to be around. Maybe one day.”

This is truly a high praise from someone of Silva’s figure. This shows how good the project is going for the Gunners that even ex-players are wishing to be back. Gilberto is obviously a club legend and his performances in that 2003 season were something equally as important as anyone else in the first-team. The Brazilian must be happy seeing his former club playing such a good football in recent times. If he can return at some point in the future, it’s obviously something he’s more than open to doing.

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