Former Liverpool man Stephen Warnock says two Reds players are in a doubt after Klopp’s statement

Jurgen Klopp

Ex-Liverpool icon Stephen Warnock suggests uncertainty over the future of two Reds’ stars. Stephen reacts to the news of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp leaving next season. He believes that Trent Alexander Arnold and Mohammad Salah’s future are currently under questions after German leaving. Klopp told on Friday that it will be his last season with the Merseyside club. This will mark an end to a 9-year long glorified career in the history of Liverpool. Though, it was bound to happen someday but fans were not expecting it this early.

Stephen has a point about the future of Liverpool stars

While there are talks for the successor at Anfield, Warnock claims that the future of some senior players is now under black clouds. Speaking about Klopp’s departure on Sky Sports, Warnock has suggested that,

Trying to take myself into the position of the players now and thinking ‘what do they think?’. The one player straight away who springs to mind is Mohammed Salah. What is the future for Mohammed Salah? Because what Jurgen Klopp has done for his career and the way he’s backed him and played a system to suit him, transformed his career, has been astounding. I think there’s also other players with interesting situations and people will probably laugh at me when I say this, but Trent Alexander-Arnold, because of that hybrid position that he plays.”

Mo Salah is a subject of interest from Saudi Arabia while Trent also has its admirers in Spain. The right-back can have a cake walk to any club in the world he wishes to. Stephen has a gravity in his statement as there can be a huge distortion after the departure of Klopp. Though, he may try to convince the players that there is still life after him. However, don’t be surprised to see any huge transition in the club’s timeline next year.

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