Gary Neville is taken aback by Jamie Carragher’s take on the Everton controversy vs Brentford

Gary Neville Jamie Carragher, Six Sports

Gary Neville was understandably surprised by Jamie Carragher’s view.

The controversy erupted when referee Michael Oliver did not give a penalty in favour of Everton when Richarlison’s shirt was pulled in the box.

The Sky Sports pundits could not come on the same page on this issue. They were analyzing the incident which occurred in the first half and in which Everton went on to lose the match 3-2 to Brentford.

Neville even went to the extent of accusing his counterpart of him changing his usual stance on the aforementioned issue.

Michael Oliver was not convinced to award Everton a penalty. When Richarlison’s shirt was pulled by Bees’ Kristoffer Ajer inside the box, repeated claims by the Everton players could mould the referee’s decision in their favour.

Everton are still safe considering the Premier League table as they sit well above Leeds and Burnley. Therefore, they are in the driving seat to play next season’s Premier League.

What Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher had to say about the incident?

The Liverpool legend started by saying,” This is in slow motion and the stills make it look like, ‘How can he not give a penalty for that decision?’

He’s got a lot of shirt there. But what I would say is I don’t think it’s a penalty, because we’re watching it in slow motion.”

However, the Manchester United legend was quick to repudiate him:

I’m surprised at you, because you’ve always said you’ve got to know when to let go of the shirt.”

That first angle that you’ve shown there, I’m struggling with the amount of time and then the distance he keeps on pulling his shirt. He doesn’t just pull it once, he has another go again.

There’s no way that’s being overturned if he gives it a penalty, no way in a million years.”

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