Gasly jokingly calls for cheating allegations against Ricciardo and McLaren

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AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly has taken a dig at the retirement of Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren at the 2022 Italian GP.

AlphaTauri was accused of cheating back during the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix after Yuki Tsunoda’s rather weird on-track retirement.

The Japanese driver complained about a loose wheel and drove back to the pits only to come back on track and then retire.

This raised a lot of allegations against the team, driver, and Red Bull strategist Hannah Schmitz.

Many “so-called” fans sent abusive messages to the same, especially Hannah. She was seen smiling in a video while Verstappen was leading the race.

Gasly has jokingly asked if Ricciardo and McLaren will face the same after the Italian GP. Daniel Ricciardo after a long wait this season was having a decent run. However, luck was again against him as his McLaren lost power on lap 48.

This saw the last part of the race ending behind the safety car as Max Verstappen took his 5th win in a row.

Gasly was asked if Red Bull had any say in AlphaTauri’s decision to which the Frenchman jokingly replied:

“I could say the same thing about Daniel doing the same today.”

“I don’t know if that’s going to be all over the internet again.”

The French was stuck behind Ricciardo for most of the race to which the 26-year-old reacted that he would have “nightmares“:

“I’ll definitely have nightmares of Daniel’s rear wing over the next couple of days because I spent I don’t know how many laps behind him, but it felt like a lifetime,”

said Gasly.

“I tried everything, but he didn’t do one single mistake.”

Gasly ultimately finished 8th under the Safety car.

it’s out of my control – Gasly on his future

Pierre Gasly is rumored to be leaving AlphaTauri next season possibly for Alpine. The French driver was asked to spill the beans to which he simply replied:

“I will say at the moment it’s out of my control and I’m trying to give my best to this team,”

he said.

“We know the situation, I think Helmut [Marko] has been pretty clear.

“These guys [AlphaTauri] have given me my first win in F1 and given me my first chance in Formula 1. It doesn’t mean I got to stay there all my life because my ambitions in Formula 1 are to fight at the front end. That’s what I want.

“I’ve been five years with AlphaTauri. We’ll see if I do another year there but at the moment, that’s what’s planned. If this is happening, I’ll give my 110% for this thing. But at the moment, I don’t have more to comment on my situation.”

Gasly has scored 22 points this season in his rather mediocre AlphaTauri.

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