Gavaskar advised Kohli to talk with Sachin to get rid of the bad patch, Why

Sachin Kohli, Six Sports

Former India captain and legend Gavaskar advised Kohli to call Sachin, “let’s make a big phone call to Sachin! The greed to hit the cover drive must also be handled.” Let us know in detail why Sunil Gavaskar said this.

India captain Virat Kohli‘s batting form is raising concerns. The most eye-catching is the way he is out. Chasing the ball outside the off-stump, he repeatedly returns to the pavilion with a stab. Seeing that yesterday, Sunil Gavaskar broke his silence.

Sachin in off form during his playing time

Like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar was having a bad time. But not so bad. Tendulkar made 16 in the Kolkata Test against the West Indies in October 2002. But in 2003, the god of cricket did not get any more centuries. 

Sachin Kohli, Six Sports

He scored a half-century only twice in 13 innings. The maximum was 55. He could not reach double figures in eight innings. He was also dismissed twice for zero runs. The Indian team toured Australia in December 2003. Tendulkar made zero in the Brisbane Test. 1 and 36 in Adelaide. 0 and 44 in Melbourne.

Sachin controlled himself of hitting cover drives

Master Blaster, however, spent this bad time believing in himself. Sachin was mostly out on the tour of Australia to hit the alluring cover drive. In Adelaide, the ball hit the edge of Sachin’s bat during the cover drive of Andy Beckel’s ball and was deposited in the hands of wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist.

Sachin Kohli, Six Sports

In the next Test in Melbourne, Tendulkar lost his wicket to chase the ball at the off stumps of Brad Williams. Sachin was caught behind to hit that drive. Then he decides not to hit the cover drive as the ball.

Come back of Sachin, Can Kohli do the same

In the Sydney Test in January 2004, Tendulkar was unbeaten on 241 off 437 balls at the crease for 613 minutes. He hit 33 fours. Sourav Ganguly’s India declared the innings at 705 for 7 in the first innings. Sachin was unbeaten on 70 in the second innings.

Sachin Kohli, Six Sports

Then in March of the same year, India visited Pakistan. In the first innings of the first Test, Sachin’s unbeaten innings of 194 runs came from the bat. In other words, Sachin himself overcame the bad patch by bringing discipline in his game and keeping proof of bold character.

Sachin Kohli, Six Sports

Whether Virat Kohli will be able to do so much or whether he will talk to Sachin at all or how much he will benefit will be clear in the coming days. But experts say there is really no point in showing aggression by not being able to run with the bat, not being able to lead from the front.

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