Gayle picks his ‘Unforgettable moments’ from IPL


The Power hitting opener was asked to pick up his “Unforgettable moments” from his journey in the IPL. Gayle in IPL has always made an impact. In IPL and even in international cricket, Gayle is known to play an impact game for the team. Gayle is much known for his six-hitting ability in International cricket and IPL.

Winning championship with MI in 2015: Gayle said

“They needed to qualify within 12 overs at a particular run-rate. They did it and went on to win the championship that year, basically from nothing to champions. Most teams, not only within the IPL, but overall can always reflect on that situation and use it like an example to show that you’re never out of it. Never give up in life. When you get a chance, it might be slim, but still go for it, because you just never know,”

Gayle’s off-field moments

“Spending time with Shah Rukh Khan off the field, it was something fantastic and superb. What a gentleman he is, and I will always cherish those moments and respect those moments. King Khan, my respect, Sir.”

On his best knock of 175

“I have to say the 175, given the fact it is a record. Getting the fastest hundred off 30 deliveries was fantastic. That will always stand out. So that’s No. 1.”

However, at the end of their career, he did not get any bids in the auction.

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