Haas boss reacts to ‘white Ferrari’ remarks

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Haas ran a significantly upgraded VF-22 at the 2022 Hungarian GP. Team Boss Guenther Steiner responded to the co-relation of the car with Ferrari.

Many teams came with upgrades at the 2022 Hungarian GP as it was the last race before the summer break. Most teams like Mercedes, and Aston Martin brought upgrades for the rear wings focused on the high downforce circuit.

Nevertheless, Haas got its first major upgrade package of the season. The upgrades were only brought on Kevin Magnussen’s car due to budget and parts problems.

Haas brought in a totally new floor along with new rear suspension fairing designs. The team also changed the rear ducts alongside the engine cover.

However, all these upgrades gained attention from fans and pundits as the car was compared with the Ferraris.

Steiner reacted to ‘white Ferrari’ comparisons

When asked about the accusations, the Haas team boss responded:

“I expect to be fast. If somebody says we copy, I’ve been giving the same answer: So what should we have copied, the Williams? No disrespect to Williams, but it’s a completely different concept, and they are behind us, so if you copy something, you copy the best you can, and at the moment it’s Ferrari and Red Bull.”

“Our car has got the same engine as Ferrari, with the same gearbox. They’ve got the same suspension. Why would we be copying anything else. And they’re winning races, so it’s one and one is still two,”

added Steiner

Haas has been a team who has always done the least upgrades. In 2020 and 2021 team went on without any upgrades.

However, the team is performing pretty well this season scoring points in midfield multiple times. The upgrades didn’t help Magnussen at Budapest but he was confident that the upgrades will help in future races:

“It’s good that we are upgrading and working the way we are and it doesn’t look like a failure. It looks more like a bullseye,”

said the 29-year-old driver.

Have Haas really hit the bullseye? We will know soon after the summer break but the Danish driver was definitely satisfied with the upgrades.

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