Haas F1 future – Steiner reveals owner’s intention for the team

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Haas F1 future has been under speculation for quite a while now and team boss Guenther Steiner has revealed the intentions of team owners on the same.

Guenther Steiner has claimed that team owner Gene Haas has ‘no intentions’ of selling the team.

Haas team has been under speculations of selling out ever since the 2021 season due to poor performance and development of cars. However, Team Principal Guenther Steiner made it clear that the outfit is still in play.

Haas team made its debut back in 2016 following the collapse of Marussia F1 in 2014. Ever since its debut Haas has ranged from being a midfield team to backmarkers. From securing a strong P5 in the constructors Championship in 2018 to not scoring even a single point in 2021. It has been a story of ups and downs for Haas.

Given, the financial and developmental problems Haas have faced, many speculations were raised about whether Gene Haas would continue to bear the expenses.

Nevertheless, Guenther Steiner has put a straight answer to all the speculations and Haas’ F1 future.

“he is committed to the team” – Guenther Steiner on Gene Haas

Speaking in a podcast about Haas’ team performance, Guenther Steiner mentioned the commitment of Haas’ boss Gene Haas.

Guenther Steiner said dismissing claims of Haas getting sold out:

“There was a lot of rumours from a lot of people, that Haas is for sale, that Haas is bankrupt. There was never an issue of being bankrupt. In 2020, Gene wanted to see what the new [2022] regulations [would] bring – mainly the financial regulations with the budget cap and the new money distribution.”

“Once that was sorted, he was committed, and he is committed to the team. A lot of people want to buy into an F1 team, so there wouldn’t be a lack of interest to take it over [if Gene Haas did sell]. But Gene has no interest [in selling] at the moment. He wants to stick with the team,”

explained Steiner.

Haas to aim for 6th

After the disaster of 2021, Haas is having a pretty decent run in 2022. They have scored points in misfield and on many occasions have shown strong pace.

The team is currently sitting on 7th position scoring 34 points. Nevertheless, the team has performed much better than last year.

Guenther Steiner also thinks that Haas can challenge the 6th position where Alpha Romeo currently sits comfortably with 51 points.

It is difficult to predict the midfield this year; each race somebody is at the front of it, somebody’s at the back of it,”

he told in the podcast.

“Hopefully, we can get some more points to defend seventh place, and maybe even if we get a good run, trying to go for sixth [place]. [It will be] very difficult, but if you don’t aim at something, you will never achieve it. I’ve always said you cannot just luck into something like this position.”

“So for sure, the first thing is defending seventh and the second is attacking sixth [in the standings],”

added Steiner.

Surely, Haas can challenge Alfa Romeo. Moreover, Haas had recently brought an upgrade package to the Hungarian GP. We can hope that the upgrade package works well with the car and that the America-based outfit score more points.

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