Hamilton vs Verstappen – The Saga

Hamilton Verstappen, Six Sports

If you are an F1 fan, then there was no avoiding the big question this past week – who was at fault, Hamilton or Verstappen? And, you either had a detailed explanation as to which side you chose or, you did not pick sides and said racing incident.

But if you are Christian Horner or Helmut Marko, you are waiting to get your hand on the stewards. Red Bull has exercised its right to review the incident under the FIA International Sporting Code after its F1 bosses were left unhappy by the sanction given to Hamilton, saying it was too lenient. 

Red Bull claim that they have collected evidence with footage that will show the incident in a different light. They are not ready to reveal what it is until they present it to the FIA. But Red Bull are pushing for a more serious punishment for Hamilton, at the least a race ban. 

Hamilton Verstappen, Six Sports

Verstappen ready for the next round

However, Verstappen seems to have moved past the incident and is focused on the next race in Hungary. “I don’t have much to say on all the media hype and to be honest I am not interested in getting involved in any of that,” Verstappen told the press. “I know what happened at Silverstone as I was in the car and obviously I feel a certain way about how my race ended.

 “I’m happy to get back on track in Hungary this weekend, especially after the last race result. I’m a little bruised of course but that’s normal after such a big impact but I’m training and feeling good.

“I did a 24hr sim race this week and it was a good test to see how my body would react to spending time sat in one position and behind screens for a long time,” said Verstappen. “I felt absolutely fine which makes me feel positive heading into the weekend. I’m definitely ready to go again!”

What about Hamilton and Mercedes?

Hamilton and Mercedes have been more reserved with their comments and reactions to all the transpired since the incident. After all they were not the ones being slammed into a barrier at 51G or paying 1.8 million in repairs for the car. If anything, they chose to go with racing incident rather than blaming. 

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was initially in debate mode when he emailed the FIA stewards immediately after the incident. The email contained diagrams of how a corner can be attacked or defended according to the rules. But F1 Race Director, Michael Masi, ignored the email then and later mentioned that the diagrams were not official and are not in the F1 guidelines. 

Hamilton Verstappen, Six Sports

The battle of words between the two team bosses has been on since the start of the season. And as the season progresses, it will just take different shades. From illegal car parts to lobbying the stewards, it is clear that they will defend their team at every cost. 

As for Hamilton, he has steered clear of making any comments on the incident. Besides the post-race conference at Silverstone, where he explained his perspective of the collision, Hamilton has made no statements since. 

Instead the 7-time World Champion has been busy with his fight to improve diversity and inclusion within the motorsport industry. Mercedes and Hamilton have announced the launch of a joint initiative called ‘Ignite’. Apart from this Hamilton pledged £20m to a new charity, ‘Mission 44’. 

Hamilton lies just eight points behind Verstappen in the drivers’ standings. while Mercedes sits just four points off Red Bull at the top of the constructors’ table. The battle resumes in Hungary and we are expecting fireworks.

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