Harsha Bhogle hits out at English media for the portrayal of Deepti Sharma in the run-out row

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Cricket is a very competitive sport and any small wrong move can change the course of the match. Recently there were many instances where a wrong decision regarding a shot or bowling has cost the match. Off the field, there were anger amongst the netizens. A similar incident happened when Deepti Sharma mankaded an English batsman. The English media and their supporters hit against her. They caused damage to her image. Harsha Bhogle came out in support of Deepti Sharma.

Harsha Bhogle on Deepti Sharma

Bhogle statement :

I find it very disturbing that a very large section of the media in England is asking questions of a girl who played by the laws of the game & none at all of another who was gaining an illegal advantage and was a habitual offender. That includes reasonable people & I think it is a cultural thing. The English thought it was wrong to do so & because they ruled over a large part of the cricket world, they told everyone it was wrong. The colonial domination was so powerful that few questioned it. As a result, the mindset still is that what England considers wrong should be considered wrong by the rest of the cricket world, much like the “line” the Aussies say you must not cross having decided what the line should be which is fine in their culture but may not be for others. The rest of the world is no longer obligated to think the way England does and so we see what is so plainly wrong.”

IND W was playing against ENG W. India already clinched the series by 2 securing wins in 2 matches of the 3-match ODI series. The third match was going on and England could have won the match as 16 runs were required off 37 balls. But England were 9 down. Deepti was bowling but when she was about to bowl she mankaded the non-striker end batsman as the batsman started to move already. Eventually, it was out and England lost the last match.

This was completely a legal delivery as Mankading is legalized under an updated version of cricket rules by MCC. Still English players challenged her move. Though there were not successful but still they tried. The English media criticized her move and portrayed her image in the wrong manner. One of the finest commentators, Harsha Bhogle strongly condemned this.

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