Harvey Elliott impressed this Liverpool teammate with his performance

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Harvey Elliott impressed his Liverpool teammate Luis Diaz with his performance against the Wolves in the last match. Harvey Elliott even received the player of the match trophy after the match. The BBC pundits deemed it fit to award the player after his wonderful display of performance. The player’s long-range goal against the Wolves made an important difference in the game. Liverpool advanced to the next FA Cup round with this victory against the Wolves. The youngster posted on his Instagram with the caption “For you reds! Thank you,”. Among those replies to the post, Luis Diaz was one of them. The player went for wordless praise and just commented on both clapping and fire emojis. Those emojis sum up his praise for his young teammate.

Harvey Elliott had an impressive performance in the FA Cup

Harvey Elliott scored a beautiful goal in Liverpool’s match in the FA Cup. That goal proved to make a difference in the game as it saw Liverpool qualify for the next round. On top of that goal, the player also put up an amazing performance. This performance could be rated as one of his best performances in recent times. At times the youngster have looked lost in the midfield this season. Though so did the others around him, therefore one cannot fault him much in that. Last night’s performance looked far better on Elliott. He had featured in nearly all of the games for the Reds. His recent performance only showed the extent of his abilities. Elliott has fallen short for the Reds plenty of times but never failed to try and impress the Liverpool fans with his performances. He looked like a man on a mission against the Wolves in the match.

With being back in his favored right-side wing Harvey Elliott pressed the Wolves players pretty well in the whole game. The energy and work rate shown by the player was one of the highlights of his performance last night. Though he wasn’t the only one who performed well, his other teammates were also alert and showed character which resulted in a win for them.

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