‘He’s stronger than Van Dijk: Jason Cundy on this Liverpool defender

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TalkSPORT’s pundit Jason Cundy says Liverpool defender Ibrahim Konate is the strongest Liverpool defender. Van Dijk’s season hasn’t quite been how it was expected. No doubt, he’s one of the best defender in the world but he’s currently out of form right now.

Liverpool has a massive game against Manchester City this weekend, and Erling Haaland already running riots against Premier League defenses.

Cundy believes Konate is currently the toughest among all Liverpool defenders.

Talking on TalkSPORT’s Cundy said:

“If I’m Haaland I’m putting it on Van Dijk, I ain’t going near Konate. Physically I think he’s quicker, he’s stronger. I know he’s (Van Dijk) had his injury right. But right now if I’m looking at those two centre-halves, and you’re Pep, which one are you going to try and get in behind, get the benefit of? I’m going after Van Dijk,”

“And when was the last time you thought you’d go into the game thinking out of the two centre-halves, Van Dijk’s the one you won’t be able to deal with Haaland.”

Van Dijk has had better of Haaland in previous matches

Van Dijk is someone who’s had better of Erling Haaland in their previous face-to-face. But he’s out of form right now, he might see this as the opportunity to get back to his form.

He has experience against Haaland which might help him to contain the Norwegian attacker who has been tearing defenses apart in the Premiere league. The battle between the two would be a treat to watch.

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