Hima got too much attention, needs to understand her future is in the sport: Galina

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Indian sprinting sensation Hima Das was away from the track for nearly three months. The 21-year-old had a disappointing Olympics as she failed to reach the finals. The unwanted break and her coach’s motivation has helped Hima to start her career of sprinting again. 

The national record for 400 meters of 50.79 seconds was set by Hima Das in the 2018 Asian Games which was held at Jakarta, Indonesia. After her success in 400 meters, she started to change her focus towards 100 meters and 200 meters. Such a step ultimately backfired as during the 100-meter heat she suffered a hamstring injury. The injury restricted her from the Tokyo Olympics. 

Galina was not optimistic

The result of the Federation Cup did not satisfy Hima’s coach Galina. She had a doubt that the chances of Hima reaching the finals of the Tokyo Olympics was really slim. 

Hima, Six Sports

According to Galina,

Hima was not ready for this kind of result yet and she didn’t take her practice seriously. Her practice over the two years was like this: two days good, three days bad, and one day good, two days bad. She always found an explanation for her bad days. She didn’t try to push herself hard.” 

Galina is a Russian – American coach with a huge experience of about 47 years under her belt. According to her Hima tried to push herself to the limit when she was not prepared for it at all. This is what ultimately resulted in her getting injured . 

Galina motivated Hima to make a strong come back

Galina put forward her view saying

Hima got too much attention after the World Junior medal (2018), I need her to understand that right now her future is in sport. If she wants to be in the sport she has to be a little more demanding to herself. Not to me, I am at the track every day. If she comes and says, ‘coach, my body hurts today’, I tell her to go get treatment. What else can I say?

At present Galina is optimistic about Hima. She thinks that the 3 months off will certainly help her to get to her best once again, and help her correct her flaws and minimize her weaknesses.

Hima got injured as a result of which she was unable to take part in the Olympics. This injury layoff helped her to understand what she needs to focus on and work on.

She called me and told me, ‘Coach, I have understood everything’ as said by Galina according to The Indian Express.

Full of potential

Galina rates Hima very high and is certain that she can fulfil her potential and can become an excellent leader as well. At present Hima is already in the national camp in Patiala and is recovering from Covid after testing positive.

Galina said, “She has good qualities and excellent leadership skills.

Hima after winning the 400 meters U-20 World Championship and then not being able to qualify for the Olympics will certainly be motivated and dedicated. Galina is sure that Hima will certainly learn from her mistakes. 

At last, Galina said,

Hima is waiting for the camp to begin and is hoping to start the season decently. She is looking forward to the 4×100 in the upcoming Asian Games. She is not angry but hungry to do something good. These were life lessons and probably in a good way. She is very strong.” 

Thus, Hima is a great talent and possess all the skills required to compete at the highest level. While Galina is optimistic about the future of Hima Das.

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