Honda is making the engines until the end of 2025 in F1

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Honda has announced that it will be supplying Power Units to Red Bull in F1 until the end 0f 2025.

Honda had earlier announced that they would be pulling out of F1 after the 2021 season. The power units powered Red Bull and Max Verstappen‘s title charge in 2021.

Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer had ensured that it will continue to support Red Bull’s campaign on the track this season.

After the 2022 season, the newly formed Red Bull powertrains were expected to make their own power units using the parts provided by Honda. The Unit was simultaneously going to develop its own power unit for 2026.

But, Honda’s recent decision to continue supplying fully built power units to Red Bull until 2025 has changed the situation for the team.

Helmut Marko was pleased with the revised decision from Honda

Speaking an interview, Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko said:

“Thank God there is a change in policy among the Japanese.

“Originally we would have had to assemble the engines ourselves from 2023. But you need spare parts for that, and 90 per cent of the suppliers are in Japan.

“Thank God that has been revised, because that would have become a technical, logistical and linguistic problem. Now Honda is making the engines until the end of 2025.”

Honda regaining the control over manufacturing and supply of power units will probably help Red Bull.

As Honda will now supply parts till the end of 2025, Red Bull can now focus more on 2026 developments. This clears the way for Red bull to enter as a new powertrain manufacturer in 2026. The team will most likely get the benefits of this decision.

“We get them [power units] sealed and we can’t look in there,”

added Marko.

“That’s also important for our newcomer status in 2026. They deliver it in a box, and if there’s any problem, only Honda mechanics are allowed to work on the engine.”

Red Bull and Porsche partnership will also be a factor in the success of Red Bull powertrains for 2026.

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