Hoping to return some point next year: Roger Federer

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Swedish tennis legend Roger Federer is currently recovering from the right knee surgery, which took place last month. Roger said that taking the decision of whether to undergo a third surgery, was very tough. He said that he was not happy with his performance at the Wimbledon.

Recently, he was seen at the Laver Cup in Boston and decided very late to attend the event. The Laver Cup takes place between teams from Europe and the rest of the world. 

“I’ve seen some incredible tennis, some great matches and it’s been wonderful. I’m really happy I made the trip” Roger was quoted by the

“The reception I’ve received, everybody is so upbeat that I’m here. They wish me all the best and they don’t even see the crutches. They just want me to be good again and enjoy the weekend” Roger said in an interview at the event with Jim Courier.

Roger Federer took the decision for surgery

Roger said that he went on with the third surgery. He certainly knew that he was not in the required physical condition. He tried his best and realized that’s too much. Ultimately he decided to take it one step at a time. 

Federer said that the recovery and rehabilitation are going well and will need a few months more. Rogers wants to walk properly again and then he wants to run properly along with doing the sideways steps. After that he wants to go to the tennis court.

However, all of these requires time and then he will decide how he wants to go about things next year. Roger wants to take time to let his body recover and certainly doesn’t want to rush things at all.

Roger understands it’s importance and wants to be careful about it. He wants to do everything else, which he has kept for later.

Federer received a huge ovation while coming into Boston’s TD Garden. He is often seen sitting in the front row. He enjoyed the action behind the scenes with the players. Roger has played in all of the last three Laver Cup tournaments.

“I think Boston is a great city. The stadium is wonderful, the crowds have been incredible. Both teams are stacked with absolute quality and top players,” the legend said.

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