How physio’s mistake almost cost Max Verstappen a qualifying session

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Max Verstappen’s qualifying was almost ruined after his performance coach Bradley Scanes’ made a small error before the session started.

Max Verstappen‘s performance coach Bradley Scanes has confessed to a mistake that, could have potentially cost the Dutch in F1 qualifying.

Although, not telling in which race the incident really happened, but, Scanes admitted to leaving some safety equipment in one of Verstappen’s helmets.

This mistake led Red Bull and Scanes to make a frantic effort to save the Dutchman’s qualifying session.

An additional strip on the visor almost cost Max Verstappen qualifying

Drivers have multiple protective wraps on the visor of helmets that they can peel off if they become dirty. You might have seen driving peeling off on the track.

However, in this case, an anti-fog strip was attached to Max Verstappen’s visor on his helmet inside. Scanes admitted it was his mistake and it would have been impossible to see properly because of that strip.

“I’ve had a few hairy moments, two things the same both times,”

he told when, asked if he had made any mistakes while working with Verstappen, in a podcast.

“It’s leaving a safety strip on the inside of a visor. It’s like an anti fog strip. If you leave that on the inside, then they can’t see through the visor.

“Everyone’s there waiting to let him out for qualifying. The clock is counting down and he needs to get out and do his lap.

“I’m there with a pair of scissors trying to scrape it off – and it’s very hard to do if you’ve already put the visor on. I’m just trying to catch the ends so I can pull it off.

“We lost like 30 seconds going out of the box, probably another 15 seconds and we wouldn’t have had time for the lap.”

“If you mess up, you loose a race” – Scanes

Scanes further reveals, if he messes up his pre-race preparation, it can probably cost Max Verstappen a win.

“If you mess something up, then you’re potentially losing a race win from that,”

he explained.

“A backup helmet or whatever, or something happens and Max doesn’t go into race in the right frame of mind. But, he’s an easy one to work with, in that sense, because he has such a strong mindset.

“Probably the reason why we get on so well is we come from very similar backgrounds. We both love to win and we’re both competitive as hell. And it just works.

“I’ve seen other relationships within the paddock where some drivers do bad on a Saturday and that’s their weekend done.

“There’s no way they’re gonna bounce back on the Sunday because it’s just it’s too hard for them to learn from.

“Whereas you know we can we can deal with it, put it away and move on and just decide on what the next target is going to be.”

There is a lot going on behind the scenes to prepare a car and a driver for a race. In a such tense and competitive environment, even the smallest mistake can cost a race.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are confidently leading both the Championships.

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