How popular these ‘IPL’ like franchises will be?

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The increase in franchise cricket around the world. This is going to bring an end to International games very soon. It’s not only us who claim this, but every news article around this topic has this say. However, this might not happen as well. Although, some franchises would have to be shut and also some leagues too.

In recent events, two new leagues have been added to this franchise cricket era. Namely, the two new tournaments that are added are UAE’s very own International League T20(ILT20). Another one that joins the list is South Africa’s tournament. However, South Africa’s tournament is yet to be named by the officials.

Why is franchise cricket increasing in this era?

The league format is increasing because of the big amount of money that is involved in the league. If you see it another way round, there’s a lot of eye-catching going on. The T20 cricket is the best way to reach more and more people. The league that will be conducted from January 2023 are the Big Bash League, The new ILT20, South Africa’s league, and Bangladesh Premier League. It is really obvious that no franchise would want their player to go and play another tournament. The new ones added to the list are the ones expected to pull some big names. The big names are expected to be associated here as these new leagues are linked with IPL. However, they might have a tough time choosing between these franchises and the best Big Bash league.

There are a lot of comparisons and everything that’ll go in the player’s mind. however, it is between IPL team owners and others. The one thing that will have to keep in mind is that these leagues are new. Although teams in these leagues are the owners of some successful IPL franchises, again this isn’t IPL.

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