‘I can’t wait to retire and watch Ind vs Pak live’- Aaron Finch


Currently, the eight editions of the t20 World Cup are on the table of the cricketing world. The whole cricketing world is witnessing world-class encounters. One of these was India and Pakistan encounters. India defeated Pakistan in an exciting thriller. The whole cricketing world witnessed the encounter. Australian captain Aaron Finch was impressed by this and said that he is even ready to retire and watch the clash live in the stadium.

Aaron Finch on Ind vs Pak clash

Aaron Finch’s statements:

” Regardless of what the result is…I think the India-Pakistan game was amazing. I was actually sitting at home, nervous! I was nervous in the build-up watching that because I know how big a clash it is and I can’t wait for the day that I can retire and go and watch an India-Pakistan game live somewhere. I was sitting on the couch in my hotel room and i was nervous in the build-up, it’s quite strange, yeah. What it was…was a Virat Kohli masterclass! You always felt even though….. with three overs to go that if you’re still there…you know the amount of pressure that he puts on the opposition just by being there and yeah it was just great viewing. “

India and Pakistan since a long time had many exciting encounters. Be it the 2007 t20 world cup final or whether it is yesterday’s match, the match went to the last over. The heartbeats of all the fans are fast when this 2 teams face each other. The match is like a roller coaster ride shifting from one side to another in quick intervals. This time we witnessed a master class from Kohli which helped team India. India maintained a 12-1 record in world cups.

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