ICC gives reason as to why they can’t hold e-auctions

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After the successful selling off of the IPL Media Rights by the BCCI, the ICC is all set to do the same.

But, the international body will not be holding any e-auction like the BCCI.

They will instead go territory by territory to sell their media rights.

The ICC is currently in India where they are having discussions with the Indian broadcasters.

All the interested bidders will have to submit their sealed bids by the 22nd of August.

Similarly, the ICC will be touring Bangladesh, Australia-New Zealand, the UK, the US and South Africa.

Also, they will be touring Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Middle East for the media rights.

The ICC has decided to go by the sealed bids method as their media rights are a bit complicated.

But the method has somehow given the bidders a bit of confusion.

However, Anurag Dahiya, ICC’s chief commercial officer also assured that the method is fully transparent and there is no hidden motive.

Even Geoff Allardice said that they will be announcing the hosts for the women’s events in the next annual meeting of the ICC.

So far, the ICC has not announced any base price for the media rights. The winners of the media rights will be announced by the first week of September.

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