ICC warns the teams to vary these rules

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The ICC has made some changes in the rules recently. ICC had made changes in the playing condition from October 1. ICC has cautioned the teams to be aware of the rules as they can be match-changing if not followed.
Let us have a look at the new ICC rules which might have a huge impact on the results:

Running out the non-striker

Mankading has been a topic of debate in recent times. It is within the rights of the bowler to run out the non-striker. In a crucial match, like a semifinal or a final, running out the batsman in such a way can cause a great impact on the result.

The in-match over penalty

This rule is newly added by the ICC. This rule states that if the bowling team is not able to bowl their 20 overs in the allotted time, they would face the penalty of putting only 4 fielders on the boundary line after the allotted time. This means that if the team has completed 19 overs in the allotted time, they have to put only 4 fielders on the boundary line for the remaining 1 over.

New batters on strike when a batter is caught

This rule can change the results of big and close matches. This rule states that when the batsman is caught by a fielder, the non-striker cannot get to the striker’s end. The new batsman has to be on strike. The teams might have to rethink their strategies due to this rule.

Unfair movement by the fielding side

Any fielder movement considered unfair and purposeful as a bowler is running to bowl now results in the umpire awarding the batting side 5 penalty runs in addition to the ball being termed a dead ball. In a format like T20 where every run is vital, violating this rule is like a crime.

The striker’s right to play the ball

Batters will now be obliged to keep some portion of their bat or body on the pitch. If they go beyond that, the umpire will call and indicate a dead ball, and any ball that forces the batter to leave the field will be labeled a no-ball. While this is unlikely to occur, there are some conceivable scenarios in which this may occur. For example, a bowler’s attempted variety and change-ups to stop a hitter might go wrong, resulting in the batter attempting to step off the pitch to play the ball.

These rules are very crucial and must be followed by the teams in the big tournament. They might have a huge impact on the result of the game.

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