India’s premier domestic tournament makes a comeback

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The pandemic had brought domestic cricket in India to a standstill. While most big tournaments got delayed and postponed, the iconic Ranji Trophy was called off in the past 2 seasons. The forced decision affected most of the cricketers badly both financially and mentally.

However, as the world moves on to a phase where it slowly tries to establish normalcy, the BCCI announced the return of the Ranji Trophy. The opening clash will be a battle between the reigning champions Saurashtra and Mumbai, the side that has won the maximum Ranji Titles in its history(41). The contest will also see two veterans Pujara and Rahane going up against each other as they both are on road to revive their struggling test careers.

“It is great that red ball cricket is starting. Players have suffered and lost a lot in the last two years both financially and skill-wise. They all are looking forward to the challenge,” Delhi coach Raj Kumar Sharma Told.

To organize a tournament of 38 teams is not an easy task by any means. From logistics to healthcare support, The BCCI has an uphill task to accomplish. The tournament is set to be played across 9 bio-bubbles in 9 venues. The cricketers will need to undergo a mandatory quarantine of 5 days.

Round 1 fixtures

Karnataka vs Railways, Elite Group C (Chennai).
Hyderabad vs Chandigarh, Elite Group B (Bhubaneswar)
Bengal vs Baroda, Elite Group B (Cuttack)
Kerala vs Meghalaya, Elite Group A (Rajkot)
Gujarat vs Madhya Pradesh, Elite Group A (Rajkot)
Manipur vs Arunachal Pradesh, Plate (Kolkata)
Jammu and Kashmir vs Puducherry, Elite Group C (Chennai)
Saurashtra vs Mumbai, Elite Group D (Ahmedabad)
Odisha vs Goa, Elite Group D (Ahmedabad)
Nagaland vs Sikkim, Plate (Kolkata)
Bihar vs Mizoram, Plate (Kolkata)
Jharkhand vs Chhattisgarh, Elite Group H (Guwahati)
Delhi vs Tamil Nadu, Elite Group H (Guwahati)
Maharashtra vs Assam, Elite Group G (Rohtak)
Vidarbha vs Uttar Pradesh, Elite Group G (Gurugram)
Haryana vs Tripura, Elite Group F (Delhi)
Punjab vs Himachal Pradesh, Elite Group F (Delhi)
Services vs Uttarakhand, Elite Group E (Thiruvananthapuram)
Andhra vs Rajasthan, Elite Group E (Thiruvananthapuram)

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