Intense final of FA cup starts afresh with violent wounds in the streets of London

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Looking at the final of the oldest ‘National football competition’ in the world and not expecting a fight, especially when the match is also a Manchester Derby, is like expecting a storm without rain. Manchester United and Manchester City were set to play the final of the FA Cup final at Wembly stadium, London. With the age-old rivalry between the two big Manchester teams, the intensity was predictable, but right before the refree even blew the whistle? That came out of the blue. The loyal English fans reflected their loyalty to their respective clubs right on the streets of London. A fan recorded this brawl, and to everyone’s surprise, the engagement kept on growing. The Red Devils have always been a bittersweet experience to encounter, be it on or off the field. With idols like Roy Keane paving the way for young footballers and fans to engage in hot, boiling conditions and never backing down. This incident has got a mixture of responses over social media. It however created a sense of rage and disappointment, more so amongst the people of London. The comment section on social media filled with frenzy, mostly by the Londoners. One account on X, by the name “West Ham Images,” showed their dissent, saying: “This is what multiculturalism has done to our capital. Keep London for Londoners.” Such a display of emotion cannot be taken lightly by the residents. It makes the streets unsafe for everyone in the vicinity, especially for the young fans of the game and kids.

What truly transpired between the Manchester fans before the FA Cup final?

The physical altercation took place on Station Road in Harrow and a fan shared the footage of the video on X which gained high retweets in minutes. The video footage clearly shows the incident taking place near a bus stop. Severe traffic disruptions stopped two buses in the middle of the road. Observers saw a few men engaging intensely while lying on the streets. Shockingly, one of them lay unconscious on the road. Even after such physical damage caused, the fight did not stop. It grew on like a riot with a sense of revenge running down the fists and toes, ready to take down the other. The sheer animosity not only leaves a bad impression about the people but also shows a lack of empathy and sportsmanship. The incident was in no way justified. It created more damage before the game. Possibly leading many families to either return home or rush to the hospital without being able to enjoy such a crucial match. Such hostile behaviour is detrimental for derbies and matches around the world. The respective authorities should take a closer look into the matter to avoid mishaps as such.

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