IPL 2021: Last Two Matches Will Be Broadcasted Subsequently

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IPL 2021: This year has been even more uncertain than the previous year with shocking things that happened. Fans only make it possible with their constant support. Fans were excited and everything was going amazing until corona affected players. And it was still not possible for BCCI to attain IPL in India at any risk. So, Dubai seemed the second-best choice.

The IPL was called off in the middle of April due to the massive rise of emergencies in the country. The tournament ended due to cases coming from the Bio secure bubble.

Unfortunately, the BCCI had to cancel the fourteenth edition of the IPL. The BCCI still wanted to continue the tournament in order to plan for the next year.

The overall situation has improved in the World from before but the novel disease ruined many lives. Gradually, now businesses are returning to their own respective normalcy with time. And since the circumstances have been improved…cricket is taking place.

Last Two Matches To Be Simultaneous In IPL 2021

The tournament has gotten even more interesting than before as more than five teams are trying to fight their way out for a position in the top four. And the fight will only get more interesting and thrilling from here on.

From next year IPL will have more than 8 teams and that’s why the IPL committee wants to look at the possibility of simultaneous matches.

However, the Star Network wanted to test this feature for next year. But they wanted to see the reaction from the fans this year. And this is a considerate decision and could be helpful for next year. And if things happen as planned then we will get to see more simultaneous matches next year.

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