IPL 2023: BCCI may increase the number of games every season

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As the IPL Media Rights Tender bidding will commence in 3 days’ time, the BCCI has decided to do some increasing.

For the 2023-27 cycle of the IPL, BCCI may increase the total number of IPL games to 410.

The number of league games could also add up to 84 or 94 games.

For the first two seasons, the BCCI/IPL has decided to keep the number of games to 74.

Then in the next two seasons, the games could even add up to 84.

And lastly, in the final season of the IPL, the BCCI could also take up the number of games to 94, however, the option of 84 games will also be kept open.

BCCI/IPL has asked the prospective bidders to still bid for 410, not 370.

There is a lack of clarity in the ITT document as to how the bidders should go about the bidding.

Package C is the most sought after one in this bidding process.

Earlier, this package was supposed to have 18 games in it for a 74-game season.

But now, that number could increase to 20 or 22 games if the games increase to 84 or 94.

The BCCI would need to properly clarify the ITT document before the bidding process even begins.

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