IPL Auction 2023: 10 teams may request BCCI to postpone the auction from December 23

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A new exciting edition of the Indian Premier League is on board. The preparation are on full swing. Recently BCCI asked all 10 teams to submit the list of retained players and released players. All 10 teams submitted as per schedule. But it is rumored that all the franchises are keen to postpone the mini-auction for the following reason.

10 teams request BCCI

The mini-auction is scheduled to take place in Kochi on 23rd December 2022. The IPL will be played in the month of April and May of 2023. But it is rumored that all 10 teams approached BCCI for rescheduling the dates. It is so every team’s foreign official will be celebrating Christmas and they will be on leave. The team requires their decisions too while bidding. They want their officials to present physically. Hence all 10 franchises requested BCCI to postpone it.

Further media contacted CSK franchise CEO, Kasi Viswanathan. He expressed his views regarding the releasing and retaining of players. His statements,

” It’s a very tough call. As far as retention is concerned and releasing of players, you know that CSK has always been very passionate with the players, and they have also been contributing to the franchise. It becomes very difficult for us to decide while releasing the players. The contribution they have made to CSK will always be cherished and we know that if there is an opportunity for any of them to come back, they will be back in CSK colour.”

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