IPL Franchises to Request BCCI for Rescheduling of Mini Auctions in Kochi

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Indian Premier League is coming up with new excitement next year. The preparation is already mid way and BCCI is leaving no stone in turn in making it successful one more time. The auction is scheduled on December 23rd in Kochi. It came to notice that IPL franchises have knocked on the doors of BCCI to reschedule the dates of the mini-auction.

IPL franchise on rescheduling the dates of the Mini Auction

The mini-auction for IPL 2023 is scheduled to be organized on 23rd December 2022 in Kochi. But all the franchises want that it should be rescheduled to some other date. Recently all 10 teams gave the list of released and retained players and new along with superbly talented players are on board to get into a new franchise. Some of the big names are Ben Stokes, Adil Rashid, Kane Williamson, and so on. New domestic players will also get a fair chance to get selected for one of the franchises.

As per the schedule, the auctions are going to take place just before Christmas. Many foreign officials of all teams have taken winter holidays. So it becomes difficult for the remaining official to take decisions unanimously in auctions. They will require a combined decision while bidding. So the teams are keen to shift the auction dates to some other dates so that it will be convenient. However, BCCI has not given a clear statement on this request yet.

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