It feels ‘surreal’ said Naomi Osaka, who is surprised by Serena Williams’ retirement

Naomi Osaka

The announcement that Serena Williams was quitting tennis surprised Naomi Osaka. At US Open this year, Alija Tomljanovic upset Serena Williams 7-5, 6(4), 7-0 to stop her illustrious tennis career. On TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, recent guest Naomi Osaka discussed topics like Serena Williams’ retirement, her new children’s book, etc.

Four-time Grand Slam winner said she wasn’t anticipating Serena Williams’ retirement. But were happy that the American announced her early retirement so that everyone might take pleasure in the fantastic moment.

“To me, it feels definitely surreal and I’m almost like I think she’s coming back. But you know how you’re just like this can’t be happening kind of thing. So, it was one of those moments for me but I’m really grateful that she told everyone, so we at least got the chance to watch her,”

said Naomi Osaka.

During COVID-19 quarantine, she continued, she had gained lots of speaking up about her problems rather than keeping them inside.

“I think I’m slowly getting comfortable with using my voice but for me, it was probably during quarantine like when COVID first came out. I didn’t have anything to do, so I sat by myself and I was just thinking about my life and what I want to accomplish I think all in all I just wanted to feel like I didn’t shy away from issues that I felt heavy in my heart,”

she added.

Simone Biles decided to leave gymnastics for her own mental health, and tennis pro Serena Williams discussed her decision.

“I thought that, at that moment, it was really courageous of her and I also think that you know everyone has different journeys and different paths and it’s all unique to us and I think that whatever she does. I’m sure we all support her and I know that she has great intentions,”

she said.

‘I definitely have projects coming up’ – Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka has established herself as an entrepreneur in recent years with her own media company, skincare line, etc. She discussed the process of creating her skincare line. She learned a lot from KILNO during the same interview.

“It has been fun. It’s been a process. I’ve learned a lot during the creation of KINLO and when I was younger, I actually didn’t wear sunscreen because I was like, ‘my melanin will protect me’ and I think there are a lot of people that feel that way. So, just the education process of it was definitely really interesting,”

said Naomi Osaka.

She continued by mentioning her curiosity and the numerous projects she had in the works.

“I’m the type that always likes to do something and I’m always curious. So, it’s nice that I get to learn behind the scenes about everything. So, I definitely have projects coming up and I hope maybe I’ll be on here again,”

she added.

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