‘It is cheating…’: Ravi Shastri reverses the blame in hard-hitting ‘Mankad’ take on running out the non-striker

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In the recent update of MCC rules, many new changes are introduced in cricket. But one change does not seem fair to many cricketing nations including England. Mankading- the run out of the non-striker batsman before bowling the bowl. Recently Deepti got mankaded Dean of England and it resulted in an out and a win for India W. But the opponents criticized and the skipper of the men’s team even supported it as an unfair play of means. The whole cricketing world was divided under this. Ravi Shastri opened up and shared his views on the recent Mankad incident.

Ravi Shastri on controversial mankading

Shastri states:

” My thoughts are very clear. It’s a law. A batsman has no business to be wandering out of his crease before the ball is bowled. And the law in cricket says that if you are doing that, the bowler is perfectly entitled to take the bails off. I know that the rule of ‘Mankad’ or ‘Mankading’ was there was a long time and a lot of players are still trying to come to terms with that new law, whether they should be taking off the bails but as a coach, I would tell my players ‘Just go out and do it. It’s a law. You’re not cheating, you’re not doing anything that is not part of the game. Batsman should know his business. ”

There is an outrage but it’s because that law did not exist earlier. But my argument is that even if it had existed, I don’t believe this practice when you warn the player the first time and the second time you can do it. It’s like me telling a fielder, ‘You’ve dropped me once. Second time you can catch it’. If it’s a law that says it is cheating. It is cheating because if you’re going out of crease, you are trying to steal an advantage over the opposition and the bowler. So you jolly well, hold your ground.

There has been continuous outrage against Mankading. Despite making it a law some players and even nations oppose it. They consider it an unfair play of means. Deepti was highly criticized and even targeted by the media for her move. English media supported their women’s team. The cricketing world always divides on this rule. A similar incident took place when Ashwin mankaded Jos Butler. Ravi Shastri took up this discussion and mentioned team followed the laws. It is against the rule, so it cannot be challenged.

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