Italy vs Argentina ‘Finalissima’ to take place in June 2022 as UEFA and CONMEBOL announce

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UEFA and CONMEBOL have come together for the ‘Finalissima’ between Italy vs Argentina. The Euro winners, Italy will play the Copa America winners, Argentina on 1st June 2022. This matchup of Euro winners playing against Copa America winners last took place in 1993 where Argentina came up as the winner. However, the competition was later abolished in 1993. It was called the ‘Franchi’ cup when it took place.

However, the competition is set to rise again with a new identity. Moreover, both governing bodies announced on Sunday that they had renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This means that both UEFA and CONMEBOL will work towards the development and growth of football in Europe and South America till June 2028.

The first MoU event will be a friendly match between Italy and Argentina in the summer of 2022 at an unconfirmed stadium in London. Moreover, the friendly match will also be dubbed as ‘Finalissima’ by UEFA. In addition, both governing organisations have also announced that they will share an office. The inauguration of that office will also take place in January 2022.

Italy were one of the strongest teams in Europe if not the strongest. They won Euro 2020 by beating England in the finals. On the other hand, Argentina won their first trophy since 1993 as they defeated their South American rivals Brazil. Argentina have later continued on their Copa America form for the World Cup qualifiers. This should be a tasty matchup for all the football fans around the world.

Why does this step by UEFA and CONMEBOL is huge for international football?

Intercontinental matches like Italy vs Argentina did not use to take place regularly before. Only the World Cup was the event where these fixtures took place. However, these fixtures were also not regular in the World Cup and also not guaranteed. More people will be excited to watch two Champions of different continents play against each other. Moreover, both Italy and Argentina are in great form and there’s no telling or predicting who can win. This will attract more audience and also more viewership to international matches.

Moreover, a contract till 2028 is also a good sign as it will mean that this fixture will continue till then. Furthermore, the possibility of more intercontinental tournaments or matchups also remains open. However, it will take time to schedule and timing such events and get everyone’s permission. Nevertheless, it will be massive for international football as anything of that sort has not taken place in a long time. Moreover, fans will take more interest in watching a new format and some new matchups and challenges, and new teams. They will like to watch something different than the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or the Champions League.

Many may not be happy with the venue of this fixture as it is going to take place in England. Euro 2020 saw some of the wildest fans from England and were also forced to play one match behind closed doors at Wembley. Moreover, it also gives Italy kind of a home advantage as they will be having more fans in England than that of Argentina. However, the match is going to be entertaining for sure as both teams will play their hearts out to prove who is the better champion.

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