It’s a very dangerous game to play – Jacques Villeneuve on the way Oscar Piastri saga has unfolded

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Jacques Villeneuve believes that Oscar Piastri is at the center of a very dangerous game that can have affect on his reputation in Formula 1.

The Alpine-Piastri-McLaren saga has been the talking point ever since the F1 summer break started. The Alpine F1 reserve driver was called by the team to replace leaving Alonso.

However, in a rather brutal manner, Piastri rejected the Alpine F1 seat for 2023 and then started all the mess.

Now, Contract Recognition Board has also interfered and clarified that Piastri has 2 legal contracts – one with McLaren and the other with Alpine. This news created more mess than solving anything with Alpine adamant to take Piastri to court.

Nevertheless, the drama has affected Daniel Ricciardo in the worst way possible.

The Australian announced on Wednesday that, he will be leaving McLaren after 2022. It is no surprise to anyone that Ricciardo was persuaded to make this move. The 33-year-old is expected to be replaced by Piastri.

It is only a matter of time before McLaren announces the move, whereas Alpine still believes that, they deserve Piastri’s services.

Team boss Otmar Szafnauer told:

“We have a contract with Piastri, which he signed in November.

“We have spoken to our lawyers and they have told us that this is a binding contract, so part of that contract allows us to put Oscar in one of our cars in 2023, which is the reason we issued the press release.”

Jacques Villeneuve warns Oscar Piastri of consequences

Although the drama is a short one, Villeneuve expects it to have long-term consequences for the young Australian.

“This one is fun to watch because it just surprised everyone,” the 1997 World Champion said. “To start like that with that kind of pressure is not easy.

“It brings to your name into question that whenever a team or sponsor will sign a deal with you there will always be this question, umm how will we be treated?

“What will happen when we trust this person? It’s a very dangerous game to play.”

Moreover, Villeneuve is pointed out on the fact that, whether Piastri will be able to handle all the pressure that comes from driving in Formula 1. He doubts will he be successful in winning big in Formula 1.

“There’s F1 and then there is the rest of world and there are so many drivers over the years who have been kings in every other form of racing and winning everything,”

said Villeneuve.

“Then the minute they got to F1 they just couldn’t handle it because it is huge step up both in talent, pressure and mental ability.

“Piastri has been amazing all the way through but how is he in F1 we don’t know yet. That is the big question.”

Villeneuve has definitely got a point. There are many drivers that excel in junior series. However, fail when they reach the pinnacle of Motorsports. McLaren, if successfully signs Piastri, can only hope that he turns out to be good enough.

It will always be a question though, Was Piastri really worth fighting for in such a manner? Only time can tell.

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