“It’s unbelievable how awful he is”… 25 years old Liverpool player stunned Roy Keane


According to Roy Keane, Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpoolcan’t believe how bad” he is at defending.

In the most recent Stick to Football podcast episode from The Overlap, Keane discussed the Liverpool player.

For Liverpool, Trent Alexander-Arnold is having a fantastic season, especially when it comes to his offensive output. In all competitions, the 25-year-old has already made an impact with two goals and nine assists. The full-back has profited greatly since Jurgen Klopp allowed him to wander into midfield recently.

However, Alexander-Arnold’s defense continues to be criticized. And Roy Keane is the most recent analyst to voice concerns about what he sees as a flaw in Alexander-Arnold’s strategy.

Keane is astounded by “how bad” Alexander-Arnold s defense is

Speaking on The Overlap, Gary Neville asks Jamie Carragher who he feels is the Player of the Year so far.

I think Trent Alexander-Arnold would be near the top,” the Liverpool legend says.

And Keane also said: “I can’t believe how bad he is at defending. For a guy who has played a lot of games, it’s like he has never played the position before“.

It’s amazing how many people just run past him. In possession he’s brilliant.”

It’s undeniable that Alexander-Arnold occasionally has defensive line issues. However, his attacking third-quarter contributions to this Liverpool team far outweigh any potential defensive shortcomings.

Although there have been suggestions that Klopp play the full-back in midfield, he is currently flourishing in that opposite position.

We don’t think Alexander-Arnold s defensive profile is as terrible as many commentators would have it.

He does, of course, have trouble against crafty wingers, particularly in one-on-one matchups. However, he is also very good at getting the ball back for Liverpool in risky situations.

In the future, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him switch to a midfield position. However, he’s doing well in his current role for the time being and has contributed significantly to Liverpool’s strong season opening half.

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