Julian Ward had handed his resignation letter at Liverpool

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FSG had tried to make Julian Ward stay at Liverpool after he resigned from his post yesterday. Liverpool’s sporting director will step down from his position at the end of this season, just after one year into the job. According to The Athletic, the Reds really ‘tried to persuade him to reconsider.’ However, it appears that the sporting director will not be reconsidering. Ward will be looking after the January transfer window before parting with the club this summer. Fans and FSG were worried that Julian Ward will sign for a rival club. But he had assured that he is merely taking a break from the game.

Liverpool to look for a fresh start after Julian Ward

Liverpool were not prepared for Ward to leave the club. Michael Edward left the club as well, after being with the club for at least a decade Though after being with the club for that long, parting with the club is more palatable. Though this wasn’t the case for Ward, he was under no real pressure that early on in the job. So, his resignation from his post could be a little concerning for the club. It could suggest that something very wrong is going on behind the scenes. Once FSG manages to sell the club to proper buyers everything should feel fresh and new at the club.

It could be said that it’s probably better for Liverpool to have a new owner, who will give the club a new perspective. Liverpool have been brilliant over the past few seasons. Even so, it will probably get better with new owners and their new set of eyes.

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