Jurgen Klopp and the banter against James Madisson

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Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp is surely known for his tactics and his achievement, but something that makes him different is his warmth and the humble side. Klopp’s reaction and behavior with the staff members, the players and even the fans clearly show how much he loves this beautiful game.

Given his playful and friendly nature, its quite hard to imagine Klopp having personal grudges on and off the field with anyone. Although, there is one funny incident that Klopp remembers very vividly with James Maddison during his time at Leicester city.

Jurgen Klopp held Maddison responsible for the title loss

This whole thing happened amidst the heated title battle in 2018-19 season between Liverpool and Manchester City. Both the teams were dedicated and none of them wanted any small slip up that can cost them the title. For Liverpool, one match that brought an unexpected twist to the title race was City’s match against Leicester City at the Etihad stadium.

That match saw, not only Liverpool fans but also Klopp cheering for Leicester city so they can cause an upset in the title race. The game was head to head and Leicester City were able to hold city for a 0-0 draw for quite a long time. In the last few minutes, the score was still goalless and City needed something special. As what the moment asked for, City’s captain Vincent Kompany stepped up.

In the 70th minute, Vincent got the ball and instead of the normal passing and moving tactics, he went for an astonishing strike. The ball roared through the air and struck the top corner of the goal net. The Etihad was on a whole different level however this meant an unofficial end to Liverpool’s title hopes that season.

Amidst this, Klopp opened up about it and explained how he was on his sofa while watching this match. He said, “ I remember watching it on my Tv. When the ball went in, I though I had a stroke. I was shouting at James Maddison through the screen to close down on Komapny. He did not and kompany scored the goal. Now I don’t like Maddison.”

The beautiful and banter aspect of football

Klopp’s humorously contempt of Madisson drives from his single mistake of not marking Kompany. Although it was clear that the remark was made in a joking way, this showed the passion by which Klopp follows this beautiful game. Since then, this incident has been a part of Liverpool tales, describing how a single margin can cost something in the league

It was a heartbreak for Liverpool fan during the season 2018/19 end as they got 97 points but still lost the league to Manchester City by 1 point. Although that season, Klopp and his men secured the prestigious UEFA Champions league title. It was the 6th champions league title in Liverpool’s history.

Klopp’s comment on Maddison signifies the passion and spirit he has for the game. It also shows how anything that happens in football affects him. Throughout the years, Maddison has grown immensely as a creative midfielder, getting acknowledgment from the fans and pundits all around the world.

Jurgen Klopp will leave at the season’s end. Fans won’t only miss him for his achievements but for his stories, his emotions and his playful nature on and off the field. Perhaps in the future, the fans will keep blaming Madisson for their title in 2018/19 as a respect and an ode to their manager Jurgen Klopp. One thing is clear from all this, in the end, these stories and connections is what makes this game so special and beautiful. There is a reason why this is the best sport in the world.

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