Kishore Kumar Jena bags his maiden National-level title

Kishore Kumar Jena, Six Sports

Kishore Kumar Jena who hails from Odisha dominated the Men’s final in the National Open Javelin Throw Championship. Furthermore, all three of his efforts were the best in the final. 

For the 26-year-old, Kishore Kumar Jena it is his first major title at the National-levels. Surely his second throw of 74.26 meters was his best one. The second post was grabbed by Harish Kumar of Rajasthan and in the third came veteran Vipin Kasana of Delhi. Certainly, Vijay Lakra was sure of a podium finish but Kasana’s last attempt got the better of him. 

Heroes of other matches other than Kishore Kumar Jena

Meanwhile, Uma Choudhary claimed her first National level Gold medal. Her best throw was 46.41 meters. Although her opening throw of 45.30 metres was itself enough for her triumph as no one was able to cross that mark in her group. While Manu Kumari from Uttar Pradesh bagged the Silver medal just by a centimetre and placing Priyanka who hails from Haryana. Shilpa Rani had a disappointing show as her best throw of 44.11 meters was only good enough to place her sixth.

In the Girls  U-16 category, Dipika claimed the Gold. Moreover, she even broke the National Record she set herself with a throw of 49.31 metres. Manish and Sapna won the silver and bronze respectively. Moreover, the trio were the only girls to go past the 40 metres mark in their category.

Kishore Kumar Jena bags his maiden National-level title, Six Sports
Kishore Kumar Jena (Source: indianathletics.in)

It was expected that Deepika would grab the gold because earlier in the year. She is at the U20 level of the Federation Cup Junior Championship. Where she set the National record of 49.28 meters. 

The under-16 sensation

In the U16 boy’s category, Mangal Singh was triumphant with a throw of 71.37 meters. While Rohan claimed the Silver with her best throw of 70.14 metres. The last spot on the podium was grabbed by Gaurav Patel as his best attempt was 66.68 metres. 

In Boys, U20 Jay Kumar of Uttar Pradesh was very consistent with his throws. Moreover, he topped with a throw of 70.72 meters. Vivek Kumar of Madhya Pradesh and Vinit of Haryana finished in second and third positions respectively. Certainly, they were no match to Jay Kumar.

Sakshi Sharma was placed sixth in last year’s National Junior Championship in the Girls U20. Certainly, her performance was top-notch as she threw 46.29 meters for the Gold medal. Sheetal from Haryana bagged the silver with 44.30 metres. Ultimately Jyoti came in last place on the podium with a throw of 43.21 metres. 

Komal belonging to Uttar Pradesh dominated the U18 category. Eventually winning the gold with an effort of 44.70 meters. Pratiksha Patel claimed the silver medal, although fell short of Komal by 15cm. Himanshi from Haryana bagged the bronze with her top effort of 41. 09 meters. 

Narayan Singh from Uttar Pradesh and Sujit from Haryana were the top 2 in the U18 category. Their performance shocked everyone. Although they were separated by a very small margin of 51 cm as their efforts passed the mark of 68 meters. 

The results of the Championship


 1. Kishore Kumar Jena (Odisha) 74.26m

 2.  Harish Kumar (Rajasthan) 72.61

 3. Vipin Kasana (Delhi) 71.89.


 1. Uma Choudhary (Rajasthan) 46.41m 

 2. Manu Kumari (Uttar Pradesh) 44.67

 3. Priyanka (Haryana) 44.66. 

Boys U20

1. Jay Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 70.72m 

2. Vivek Kumar (Madhya Pradesh) 66.01

3. Vinit (Haryana) 65.39.

Girls U20

1. Shakshi Sharma (Uttar Pradesh) 46.29

2. Sheetal (Haryana) 44.30

3. Jyoti (Haryana) 43.61.

Boys U18

1. Narayan Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 68.89m

2. Sujit (Haryana) 68.38

3. Rahul Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 65.08.

Girls U18

 1. Komal (Uttar Pradesh) 44.70m

 2. Pratiksha Patel (Uttar Pradesh) 44.55

 3. Himanshi (Haryana) 41.09.

Boys U16

1. Mangal Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 71.37m 2. Rohan Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 70.14

3. Gaurav Patel (Uttar Pradesh) 66.68m.

Girls U16

1. Deepika (Haryana) 49.31m 

 2. Manisha (Haryana) 42.26

 3. Sapna (Haryana) 41.29.

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