Lando Norris lashed out at Max Verstappen during Singapore GP

Lando Norris Singapore GP, Six Sports

Lando Norris came home in 4th after a grueling 2-hour drive at the Singapore GP.

Lando Norris managed to avoid a “dangerous move” by Max Verstappen during the Singapore GP on Sunday.

After a brilliant qualifying performance, Briton started the race from P6. Norris managed to hold off Alpine’s Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly from AlphaTauri on the opening lap.

The 22-year-old then enjoyed much of the race in 5th without many problems. Halfway into the race, Lewis Hamilton crashed into the barriers giving 4th place to Norris.

Nevertheless, just before this, Norris was under pressure from Max Verstappen during a Virtual Safety Car. Verstappen was recovering from 8th on the grid.

Verstappen tried to judge the restart; however, he went too early down the inside of turn 7 almost making contact with Norris.

Later in the race – after the ending of the safety car, Verstappen again tried the same move, this time, however, he had a massive lockup ending up going into the run-off area and again almost making contact with Norris.

Norris immediately responded on the radio lashing out at the defending champion, saying:

“That was very dangerous.”

Norris would hold on to his 4th place leading his teammate Ricciardo in 5th to the finish line. McLaren pulled off an impressive 22 points crucial for their fight for P4 in constructors. This was also the best team result for the orange papaya this season.

Norris replied when asked if he enjoyed it after the race:

“Not at all,”

he told Sky Sports.

“This was by far the hardest race probably of my career, I mean I would say in Formula 1, probably the hardest.

“Maybe not because I had to hold off too many people, but just the level of concentration you need from lap one to the very end is incredible.

“So, especially when you start to get a little bit tired, which everyone does… stop laughing!”

Norris exclaimed on Natalie Pinkham who was making some cheeky implications of what he said.

“It was very wet out there as well, so yeah, great day for us.”

Both Alpines suffered DNF giving McLaren a 4-point lead in the battle for fourth.

The fight for 4th position on constructors is becoming ever more interesting with every passing race weekend.

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