Lewis Hamilton fears driving on normal roads

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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton thinks driving on roads is more ‘stressful’ than driving an F1 car on a weekend.

Just like every other average driver, Lewis Hamilton also fears and doesn’t like driving his car on roads. According to the 7 times world champion, driving a car on roads is much more stressful than racing in a Formula 1 car at 200mph around a track.

The Mercedes star set off to a bad start to his 2022 campaign. The Brit had entered the season to challenge the defending champion Max Verstappen. However, the car Mercedes made was at best 5th fastest at the start of the season.

Nevertheless, the 37-year-old has found his rhythm back lately, winning 5 podiums in a row in the last 5 races. Last time out at Hungarian GP, the Briton secured an amazing P2 (second in a row after French GP).

However, the star driver confessed that he avoids driving on roads as he fears “something might go wrong.”

Lewis Hamilton fears busy roads and spiders

Lewis Hamilton was driving on busy roads in the South of France for Vanity Fair September issue. While driving, Hamilton revealed his dislikes of busy roads, something that most of his fans would relate to.

Nevertheless, while driving Lewis said:

I just think I find it stressful. This is now stressful for me. This road is crazy. So much going on here. Look, we’re on these roads, anything can happen.”

Later, Lewis Hamilton also revealed his other fear – spiders. He told that going into Australian GP at Melbourne, spiders are a factor he fears the most around there. He would often book rooms on higher floors to avoid the spiders. He would even check the rooms to make sure before settling in.

Hamilton added:

“People say: ‘Dude! You drive around at 200 miles an hour!’ And I’m like, in terms of fear factor, that’s easy for me.

Surely, the 7-time world champion is also a human who has his share of fears in his life.

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