Lewis Hamilton is officially out of the 2022 World Drivers Title

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After finishing 5th in the 2022 Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton is now mathematically out of the World Drivers’ Title fight.

Coming into the 2022 Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was already going through his worst season on record.

After the Italian Grand Prix however, things became even worse as Hamilton is now out of the 2022 World Drivers’ Title. It is now impossible for Lewis Hamilton mathematically to catch Max Verstappen.

It was impossible anyways for the Briton but now it’s official. Lewis Hamilton became the 15th permanent driver officially out of the 2022 Championship.

Max Verstappen holds a mammoth lead over his rivals. The Dutchman is comfortably sitting in P1 with 335 points. He is 116 points ahead of Charles Leclerc in P2.

At this level of domination, Max Verstappen can now be declared a two-time world champion at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix!

With 6 more races to go only 4 drivers have a mathematical chance of winning the world title. These include – Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez, George Russell, and Carlos Sainz.

The Briton recovered from P19 to P5 in the Italian Grand Prix. The 37-year-old driver has never finished below P5 in the previous 15 seasons so far. He is currently running 6th in the drivers’ standings.

From here, Hamilton can only focus to retract one win in the remaining races. This can ensure that his 15-year-old streak can be maintained.

Also, Mercedes still has a shot at P2 in the constructors’ standings. The team will try its best to bag the maximum points from the upcoming races to keep Ferrari at bay.

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