Liverpool are likely to receive a huge transfer boost from the owners


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp might receive a transfer boost. The FSG had shown their desire to sell Liverpool fully or partially. The American owners had bought Liverpool back in 2010 for about £300m. The valuation for the club have likely increased with time. FSG were said to believe that this is the right time to sell the club while the valuations are high. New speculations have come out, and Liverpool is now being linked with QSI (Qatar Sports Investments). Furthermore, QSI is led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who is also the president of PSG since 2011. However, reports now claim that a full takeover is imminent. FSG’s search to find new investments for Liverpool remains unchanged. FSG are said to remain ‘open‘ to outside investment. Though the senior members of FSG have dismissed the claims of them selling the club fully.

Liverpool could find new investors before the season ends

Reports claim that the most likely outcome for Liverpool is that FSG parts ways with the club with a ‘minority stake‘. This route is described as their preference but there is no confirmation in regards to that either. FSG have come under fire from the Reds fans due to their limited funds for signing new players in the transfer market. Klopp’s side is in dire need to sign new players this season. The Reds especially look vulnerable in the midfield. Therefore Liverpool will likely look to sign new midfielders. The German boss keeps on stressing that the money is not there to sign new players in January. Therefore all this has led to disquiet among the Red’s fans with Liverpool’s performance fairly dipping this season.

However if FSG manages to get outside investments, the likeliest scenario for Liverpool will be that they would be able to explore the transfer market more. Liverpool’s peruse strings for players in January will likely loosen. Klopp will continue to push for Jude Bellingham as their headline signing for next summer. Any outside investment would be warmly welcomed by Klopp.

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