Liverpool gives more chances to the bench than any other club

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Premier League was slow to implement the five substitute rule. The rule of five substitutes was implemented in the 2022/23 season. However, it is very early in the season to analyze anything about its impact on teams.

Moreover, it is worth noting that most managers are yet to take full advantage of the increased options. Everton and Leicester City have not used five subs till now. Whereas, Brentford have made a whopping 29 changes. Liverpool are third for the highest number of times given to their sub number four. Also, they rank second in the minutes given to sub-number four.

As Per Transfer market, Liverpool have had the most amount of time given to the players on their bench

Liverpool have given the most amount of playing time to their players on the bench. A major reason for this is their injury situation. The injury problem is so serious that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp used only 10 players despite the12 men on the bench for the Champions League squad.

There are a lot of young players in the squad as well. Despite a lack of experienced players in the squad, Liverpool still used the most numbers of substitutions in their match against Napoli. The game was one of the worst defeats for Liverpool in eleven years of playing in the Champions League

Injuries to most of the midfielders have aggravated a lot of issues for the Liverpool squad. The injuries to most of the key players has given Liverpool a very slow start in the League as well as the Champions League. Liverpool’s performance was so poor that even switching out all the starting eleven players wouldn’t have made much difference in their match. However, the substitutes, mainly Gomes, had some impact on the match. This was a reminder of what a fearfully destructive team Liverpool can be with their key players.

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