Liverpool: Klopp admits Liverpool have lost their identity

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits that Liverpool needs to “reinvent themselves” after their 4-1 loss to Napoli. The visibly dejected Klopp looked every bit as haggard and down, as every Liverpool fan across the globe, during his post-match interview. Liverpool suffered their heaviest defeat in 56 years in their thrashing by Napoli. Zelenski’s two goals and goals by Simeone and Anguissa completed the quartet for Napoli. On the other hand, Luis Diaz was the lone scorer for the Reds in the opening match of the Champions League 2022-23

The deficiencies in the usually dazzling Liverpool side were glaringly apparent. While injuries have played their part, the reason is not as simple as that. What is obvious is that the Reds have lost the ferocious intensity that makes them what they are. Liverpool are getting outworked by most of their opponents so far. The opposition teams have shown desire, hunger, and ambition in their games. The same cannot be said for the Reds. This was apparent in the Champions League opener against Napoli. Napoli worked hard in the match and outworked the Reds in all departments

The congested fixtures of last season are a possible cause for the underperformance of Liverpool

The speculated reasons are twofold: either a fatigue problem or an attitude problem. The former is more credible as the Reds have had a grueling season last year. A packed schedule of 63 games followed by a hard and fast pre-season is a major cause of fatigue for Liverpool. Moreover, injuries to key players are bound to add stress to the squad. Most key players for Liverpool are struggling a lot this season. Alexander-Arnold, Salah, Van Dijk, and Fabinho are not operating at the level that they usually do. It looks like there is no belief within the squad and the same mistakes keep on happening over and over again.

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