Liverpool midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai shares what he feels about the fans at Anfield

Liverpool midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai has heaped praise for the fans at Anfield and the atmosphere. Liverpool signed Szoboszlai from RB Leipzig thi s summer only. Although there were plenty of expectations from him to adapt, he hits the ground running. However, his form has seen a little bit of dip during the arrival of winter season. It has perhaps been during that time that the 23-year-old has witnessed the love from supporters more than ever. Speaking to about the fans this week, the Hungarian says that their backing of the team in tough moments is what has really stood out to him.

It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world. The people, how they love the club is amazing, they always show us support.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t work that well [on the pitch] but we are always working on it. We don’t do it bad because we want to, it’s just this day. We have also a couple of days where we cannot do our 100 per cent and even if you do 100 per cent it will maybe not be enough. But this is the thing: [they are] still there, enjoying, and [I’m] happy to have fans like that.”

The love between fans and the midfielder is very much mutual. He has been well received by the supporters since his arrival at Merseyside and become an immediate fan favourite. His indefatigable efforts on the pitch is something fans surely notice and appreciate. Although, he seems to be a little bit tiring in recent days with a limping off against Newcastle few weeks ago. He is expected to be back on the field in next week or so though. It may only be the start of the relationship between Liverpool fans and Szoboszlai, but you get the impression this will be a happy, long and productive marriage.

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