Liverpool still have two problems to solve despite the Champions League win against Ajax

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Liverpool still have two problems to solve despite the Champions League win against Ajax. Joel Matip scored the winning goal in the 89th minute to win the match.

However, there are problems to be solved for Jurgen Klopp. The Reds are still having a leaking defense and are also suffering from poor finishing.


After the thumping at Napoli, Liverpool finally won in the Champions League against Ajax. The dramatic late victory jolted them into top gear. It was an unlikely hero that helped them win the game. The unlikely hero was the center-back Joel Matip. He scored a bullet header from the corner in the 89th minute to win the game. This also exposed Ajax’s weakness against set pieces.

Jurgen Klopp will also take encouragement from the win. Liverpool have finally managed to get their engine running sweetly again. The performance was a dynamic performance. However, despite the good performance, they had to depend on Joel Matip for the dramatic winner. The game also exposed the same weaknesses to worry for Jurgen Klopp.


The main problems for Jurgen Klopp to solve are his leaky defense and poor finishing. These two problems are now becoming a trend for the Reds. Hence, Jurgen Klopp will be desperate to solve these two problems. Their whole dynamic attack was undone after poor defending from the defenders. The defense of Liverpool suddenly switched off. This helped Ajax get the equalizer goal.

It was a brilliant finish by Mohammed Kudus. However, the defenders gave too much space to Kudus to score the goal. The goal came out of the blue, but it was not a surprise. Jurgen Klopp’s team also had problems in the attacking department. Their finishing in the game was below-par. The problem of bad finishing cost them both at the end of last season and through the first eight games of the season.

In the end, all of that did not matter as Liverpool scored a late goal through Joel Matip in the 89th minute. However, there is still room for improvement for the Reds. Jurgen Klopp will certainly try to make improvements and rectify the mistakes in the Ajax game.

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