Liverpool- The completion of the Anfield road stand

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The historic home stadium of Liverpool FC , Anfield has gone through a series of renovations and changes with the completion of the new Anfield Road stand. This not only increased the stadium capacity to 60,000 but it also helped to engrave the status as one of the best fortresses in the United Kingdom.

The whole process of this has been nothing short of a display of their strong character, perseverance and a pursuit of excellence. Although the plan to open the new stand at the start of the season delayed because of construction work. Despite this, both the tier of the stands have been opened to give a glimpse to the fans of what awaits them in the near future.

Currently, the lowest tier, which is in the back corner, a point where Anfield road stand will meet the main stand is still incomplete. Reserved for away supporters, this area is still needs a finish touch which will ensure the safety and the beautiful look of the stadium. Recently, footage surfacing on social media has shown that the final seats have been installed, hence giving a confirmation that the stand is now completely ready.

How the new stand defines the legacy of Liverpool FC

The further addition of 152 seats not only defines the approach of redevelopment by the team but its also shows the appreciation Liverpool FC have for their fans throughout the world. The absence of hospitality window behind the away stand also defines the club’s approach of creating a welcoming environment in the Anfield stadium

With the addition of this stand, the capacity of Anfield is now up to 61,000, making it the 8th largest stadium in the United Kingdom. Although the significance of this is way more than just numbers. It also defines the dedication, planning, and the investment to preserve the history of this big and a reputed stadium.

The wait surely has been long, but it will be all be worth for the fans when they travel to the staidum and witness the stand which is the testament to the club’s legacy.

A fitting tribute to Klopp’s legacy

For Jurgen Klopp, who has been here throughout the transformation period, this stand will be a bittersweet moment for him. While he won’t be here from the next season as the manager, he has surely received the love and respect from the Anfield crowd. As Klopp once said. “ This stadium has grew, grew and grew. It always has been wonderful but now its outrageously wonderful. Really top, really loud, in the right moments.”

This will be the last season of Klopp as Liverpool’s manager and even though the season will end with only a carabao cup trophy, the fans throughout the world will always be grateful to Klopp. It will be interesting to see who can step up and fill the void left by Klopp. Will the triumph of glory for Liverpool will continue or will it be a time for the fans to go through another phase of build-up?

Indeed as the echoes of Klopp’s tenures roam through the halls of Anfield, this stand is a perfect tribute towards his legacy at the club. As fans throughout the world are eager and ready to witness what the future holds for Liverpool, one thing is certain that Anfield will always be there, standing as a bacon of hope, passion, loyalty, and the history of the club.

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